Montreal’s Styrofoam Recycling Project is in Full Swing


Currently, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) and the City of Montreal are running a year-long pilot project to collect and recycle expanded polystyrene foam; a material that is not accepted in Montreal’s recycling system.  Up until September 30th, 2014, Montreal residents could dispose of their used polystyrene  products at Ecocentre LaSalle, a recycling center in Montreal’s LasSalle borough.

The timing of this pilot project could not be better as moving day, July 1st, 2014, when around 225,000 Montreal families move annually, is just around the corner.  Each year, this day generates approximately 60,000 tons of waste, much of which is made up of polystyrene packaging products. With the help of the CPIA’s  post-consumer polystyrene recycling pilot project, this amount will be greatly reduced.

“By bringing their postconsumer polystyrene products to the Écocentre LaSalle, Montrealers, and especially those who will be moving over the next few weeks, will be doing the responsible thing by diverting this material from the landfill sites and consequently allowing its recycling,” said Mr. Paul Aucoin, Membership Development Director at CPIA.  “We encourage all Montreal residents to be part of this activity and we congratulate them in advance for their support of this important project from an environmental standpoint.”

Polystyrene products can be identified by a triangle with a number six inside. Ecocentre LaSalle simply requests that the polystyrene items they receive are clean and without labels, aluminum covers or extra packaging.  

Contrary to popular belief, polystyrene foam can be recycled. In fact, foam can be recycled into picture frames, office supplies, coat hangers and much more. Montrealers have the opportunity to positively impact the environment by actively participating in the pilot project through the end of September.