Foam Recycling Programs

Recycling foam #6 reduces solid waste, decreases dependency on virgin resources, and prevents pollution. Visit the EPA website to learn more about the benefits of recycling.

Use the map below to find foam #6 recycling throughout North America. This map features drop-off and curbside foam recycling options.

To find a foam recycling center near you, type your address into the map's search bar and hit 'enter.'

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If you operate a foam #6 recycling location not pictured on the map, please contact to submit your location.

If foam #6 recycling is not currently available in your area, learn how to bring it to your community. Another option is to mail the lightweight material to a regional center for recycling. Visit EPS Industry to learn more about recycling or view a list of EPS mail-back locations.

The Recycling Process

The foam recycling process is relatively simple and can leverage a city’s existing recycling infrastructure.

Foam Foodservice Products into Recycling bin

Step 1

Foam #6 products are collected for recycling via a curbside or drop-off program.

Materials Recycling Facility

Step 2

Recyclables are delivered to a material recovery facility (MRF).

Compacted Foam Bricks

Step 3

The foam is compacted into dense bricks.

Foam pellets

Step 4

Compacted foam is recycled into pellets.

Products from Recycled Products

Step 5

Pellets are used to make new products.

Products from Recycled Foam #6

Recycling foam #6 reduces solid waste and creates a market for new items we use every day in and around our homes.

Products commonly made from recycled foam include:

  • Picture frames to showcase your favorite photographs.
  • Interior moulding for homes and businesses to add an ornamental touch.
  • Pony packs used to grow and transport a variety of seeds and plants.
  • Office supplies such as rulers and ballpoint pens.
  • Foam packaging to protect fragile electronics and other breakables.