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How to Recycle Foam

Individuals and businesses can recycle foam #6 at the curbside or drop-off locations in various communities in more than 18 states, with the strongest support in the Northeast and California. Foam recycling is also available in many communities in Michigan, which is home to Dart Container Corporation. The types of foam accepted and recycling guidelines vary by location. For example, many sites do not accept packaging peanuts, colored foam or foam that has been treated with flame retardants. Recycled foam should be free of straws, lids, tape, labels and other contaminants. Foam #6 cups do not have to be rinsed before recycling. However, foam food containers should be rinsed or wiped clean.

The EPS Industry Alliance offers a mail-back recycling option for foam packaging material, excluding foodservice containers. Anyone can package and ship small amounts of EPS to more than 30 mail-back facilities across the country. Due to the light weight of this material, shipping costs are low. Visit EPS-IA for more information on their national mail-back program.

Business Recycling Programs

For restaurants, hospitals and other businesses that generate post-consumer foam, Dart offers special recycling programs.

Recycla-Pak foam recycling

Recycla-Pak Program

Dart’s Recycla-Pak program enables Dart customers to easily collect foam #6 cups and recycle them via mail. Participants in the program can purchase special Recycla-Pak kits, which include two specially designed cartons plus promotional signage. The cartons are assembled to serve as collection devices for used foam cups. Once the cartons are full, they are simply sealed and shipped to Dart via UPS for recycling. To make the process even easier, shipping costs are prepaid.

To learn more about the Recycla-Pak program, download the brochure or visit Dart’s website.

CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) Program

Cups are Recyclable

Dart’s CARE program for Dart customers who use a high volume of foam #6 products provides a cost-effective way to collect and densify foam for recycling. Participants in the program pay a small monthly fee in exchange for the use of a densifier and free recycling support materials. Dart will pick up the densified foam at no additional cost, or the foam can be sold to a processing facility. Collection bins that facilitate collection and storage of loose cups are available for purchase from Dart’s distributors.

To learn more about Dart’s CARE program, download the brochure or visit Dart’s website.