Rhode Island Resource Corporation Adds Foam Recycling Into Facility


Rhode Island residents will no longer have to travel to Uxbridge, MA to recycle their foam products thanks to Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation’s (RIRRC) recent partnership with Dart Container Corporation. The new program will now offer a foam drop-off location at RIRRC’s Johnston Facility at no cost to residents.

The two types of foam that are accepted include foam foodservice products and packaging foam.  Each month Dart Container will send a tractor trailer to RIRRC to collect the foam, and then will bring the foam to a recycler in Pennsylvania.

Recycling your foam products is seamless according to Sarah Kite-Reeves, director of recycling services at RIRRC.

“The drop-off process is easy,” stated Reeves in an article from Providence Journal. “Bring the separated, bagged foam to RIRRC during normal operating hours. Go over to the main scales and tell the attendant that you have foam for recycling.”

Unfortunately spongy foam and packing peanuts are currently not accepted at RIRRC, but many UPS and FedEx stores will accept foam peanuts, along with many other stores specializing in mail or packaging. In addition, local gift stores may be happy to receive your packaging peanuts too, but it is highly advised you call ahead first.

Are you interested in recycling polystyrene foam in your community? Check out these recycling tips that explain the foam recycling process. The process is seamless, and can leverage a city’s existing curbside recycling infrastructure. Find out how you can launch your own foam recycling program in your business or community today.

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