Penn State Leads With Foam Recycling


Universities are always on the cutting edge of the most important trends in science and energy and Penn State is no different. The Nittany Lions offer their students the chance to help make a difference by recycling polystyrene.

Like most schools, students have on campus dining options that use polystyrene products. What Penn State does differently, is that they recycle their polystyrene foam waste so that it can be turned into new products like pens, picture frames or home construction supplies.

The school works with Dart Container Corporation to recycle foam food service products and packaging materials. The Penn State Recycling & Waste Management team collects polystyrene foam from their cafeterias and around campus and then they take it to a densifier in the Physical Plant on campus. After it is densified it is sent to Dart to be sold to companies around the world and used as feedstock for production.

Penn State is a leader in foam recycling, and their continued effort to help limit the amount of foam waste that goes to landfills is a step in the right direction that all universities should consider. If your school is interested in recycling polystyrene, contact Home For Foam today to learn more information.