Recycling Case Studies: Home & Business


  • Foam Only: Creating a Zero Waste Society

    When Vancouver residents, Mark Obedzinski and Noel Massey started Foam Only back in 2012, they had one goal in mind, to create a zero waste society. By providing a cost effective solution for collecting expanded polystyrene (EPS), Foam Only has made significant headway over the past two years in its effort towards reaching this goal.

  • Waste to Waves Creates Surfboards out of Recycled Polystyrene Foam

    Based in California, Sustainable Surf is a non-profit charity working to raise awareness of the need for ocean protection among the surfing community.Through this organization, co-founders Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden developed the Waste to Waves program in which they recycle polystyrene foam packaging into brand new, top-of-the-line surfboards.

  • Medical Coolers Get New Life with Mail Back Program

    Medical coolers, which maintain critical temperatures for health care products, are getting a new life thanks to a mail back recycling program.

    Medical coolers are commonly made with foam #6 to provide insulation for medications and vaccines during transit to hospitals, clinics and medical offices across the country.

    In efforts to recycle these important tools, JML Recycling expanded its recycling program to offer an innovative mail back option. The program is simple: each medical cooler arrives with a pre-paid shipping label for easy return to a recycling facility.

  • Foam Recycling at Aflac

    Foam #6 cup recycling programs are available for any restaurant or other business that produces foam cup waste. This video from Aflac follows two foam cups through the recycling process, from collection of post-consumer foam to the manufacture of new plastic products.