Recycling Case Studies: Home & Business


  • Rhode Island Gets New Recycling Location

    From coast to coast, more and more cities around the United States are beginning to recycle polystyrene foam products in their communities. Some places do it by offering drop-off locations and some do it by collecting foam in their curbside recycling. One company in Rhode Island has expanded the reach of foam recycling by offering a new drop-off location available to residents throughout the state.

  • Grant Program to Help Improve Foam Recycling

    The Foam Recycling Coalition launched a brand new grant program to help communities pay for foam recycling equipment. The grant program will help communities that are recycling of foodservice packaging, egg cartons, meat trays and protective packaging. The grants will be available to both public and private sector organizations and will range from an estimated $15,000 to $50,000 each. 

  • Waste Sleuth Investigates Foam Recycling

    What does it take to turn a simple foam cup into a new product through recycling? Todd Sutton, also known as the Waste Sleuth, investigates in a new video released by Dart Container Corporation and Moore Recycling. 

  • Foodservice Packaging Institute Shows Rising Recycling Demand

    Foam recycling needs its advocates just like any other important cause. In an effort to help promote foam recycling to the general public, the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) has launched the "Foam Recycling Coalition.” This coalition recently commissioned a study on the demand for post-consumer EPS and found a rising demand for recycled Polystyrene.