Recycling In Action


  • Evergreen State College Provides Foam Recycling for Move-In Days

    September 2016 - The Evergreen State College, a progressive liberal arts and sciences college in Olympia, Washington provided foam recycling #6 containers for students moving into dorms and apartments during move-in days this fall. Each recycling sorting station was staffed for the day to help residents learn how to properly recycle any waste accumulated while moving into their new housing.

  • Foam Recycling Coalition Awards Grant to Redding, CA

    November 1, 2016

    Residents and businesses in Redding, California will soon have the opportunity to recycle foam polystyrene, thanks to a $49,000 grant from the Foam Recycling Coalition.

    In early 2017, the city plans to accept foam polystyrene protective packaging and foodservice packaging including meat trays, cups, egg cartons and clean take-out food containers at its recycling drop-off area. The city’s material recycling facility will phase in collection of these items.

  • Pilot Foam Recycling Program Hits Madison County in New York

    Madison County in the state of New York, has just begun a pilot foam recycling program that will run from December 29, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Individuals who wish to recycle their foam can bring the material in clear plastic bags to the landfill on Buyea Road, across from the ReUse store. All tape and other labels must be removed. From there, the Department of Solid Waste will collect the foam and bring to an appropriate foam buyer to densify the foam.

  • The Fairfax Companies Now Offering Free Foam Recycling in Arizona

    January 21, 2016 – The Fairfax Companies, a Southern Arizona company offering construction, demolition, and landscape waste industry services, is now providing free foam recycling at their facility. Jason Tankersley, CEO of The Fairfax Companies is the driving force behind this recycling effort and hopes that this service can help improve their surrounding community.