Recycling In Action


  • Kirkland to Host ‘StyroFest’ this Holiday Season

    It is getting to be that time of year when holiday gift giving produces large amounts of polystyrene foam and packaging materials. Instead of throwing polystyrene foam products into the trash, residents in Kirkland, Washington are participating in ‘StyroFest.’

    Over four specific weekends from Thanksgiving to the beginning of March, Kirkland residents will be able to dispose of their used foam for recycling at the city’s Public Works Maintenance Center.

  • Montreal Takes California’s Lead on Recycling Styrofoam

    After a successful three month trial, Montreal has decided to continue its post-consumer polystyrene recycling pilot project for an entire year. With the support of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), the project will last for four seasons, making it more efficient and allowing it to provide more accurate data with regards to costs.

  • California Schools Get Smart About Recycling Foam #6

    In California’s Los Alamitos Unified School District, students are gaining a better understanding of how to create a more sustainable environment. Each month, all six of the district’s elementary schools participate in a program in which they recycle 12,500 lunch trays to help reduce waste.

  • Foam Recycling at Aflac

    Foam #6 cup recycling programs are available for any restaurant or other business that produces foam cup waste. This video from Aflac follows two foam cups through the recycling process, from collection of post-consumer foam to the manufacture of new plastic products.

  • Recycling Foam in Cities

    Cities can use their existing curbside infrastructure to recycle foam #6 packaging materials and food service products. See how foam recycling can be implemented at the curbside, and get a behind-the-scenes look as foam products are sorted and densified at a materials recovery facility (MRF).