Recycling In Action


  • New Winnetka Foam Recycling Program

    As communities around the country look to implement foam recycling in their towns one of the biggest things they struggle with is getting started. How and where are two important questions that are frequently asked. Winnetka, Illinois has a simple answer.

    One box in a city building.

  • Texas Tech is Recycling Leader

    As schools around the country return to business as usual, one university has begun to take a step forward in becoming more efficient.  This summer, Texas Tech purchased and implemented a new foam densifier to help the school recycle polystyrene foam.

    “It’s pretty easy,” Caleb Crow, unit supervisor of Energy Management and Sustainability at the Tech physical plant, said. “One person manages input while another manages output.”

    The densifier turns the recycled foam into a highly viscous liquid like substance that is then poured into brick molds.

  • Northborough Junior Women’s Club Awarded for Foam Recycling Efforts

    Recently, the members of the Northborough Junior Woman’s Club (NJWC) returned from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs’ (GFWC) annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona. NJWC received second place in GFWC’s Community Improvement Program, for their polystyrene recycling project.

    Members of the NJWC started the polystyrene project in 2010, when Jane Walsh, chair of the Conservation Committee learned about ReFoamlt, a Framingham-based company dedicated to collecting and repurposing polystyrene foam, or foam #6.