Six Reasons to Recycle Foam #6


There are a variety of reasons to recycle. Below we highlight the six reasons to recycle foam #6.

  1. Reduce solid waste

    Recycling foam #6 reduces the amount of solid waste that goes to our landfills and incinerators. Even though foam makes up less than 1% of municipal solid waste based on both weight and volume, every bit counts.
  2. Decrease our dependency on virgin resources

    Recycling foam reduces our dependency on virgin resources and conserves them for future generations. Plus, when you use recycled foam #6 cups instead of alternative materials, you conserve additional natural resources such as timber and water – another bonus for the environment!
  3. Prevent Pollution

    Recycling helps reduce the amount of pollution in our air which is generated by using virgin materials.
  4. Save energy

    Recycling foam #6 allows us to conserve energy that would otherwise be expended on manufacturing new materials.
  5. Protect the Earth's atmosphere

    By reducing the amount of energy and materials used to make new products, recycling helps cut down on greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  6. Demonstrate sustainability

    Many citizens today look to their cities and municipalities to support sustainability by offering recycling programs. Cities that offer foam #6 recycling demonstrate environmental responsibility and set good examples for future generations.

Visit the EPA website for more information.