Colchester County Brings Curbside Recycling to More Citizens


In many communities across Canada polystyrene recycling has taken root as an important piece to their recycling programs. From drop off facilities to curbside recycling programs, more people can recycle their foam than ever before. Now another community is bringing curbside foam recycling to their county.

In Colchester County in Nova Scotia, a countywide proposal to recycle polystyrene has been approved and will begin in the late summer of 2015. This decision will make recycling convenient for the residents of the county.

"Currently it has been going in our garbage, solid waste director Wayne Wamboldt told council last week. "People have been asking why it can't be recycled."

The county will be getting polystyrene out of their waste stream, diverting more than 300 tons of foam from landfills. Instead of the landfill, the foam will be making money for the community. A buyer has already been located that will be purchasing the recycled foam, $600 a ton for white polystyrene and $300 a ton for colored material.  Also, Wamboldt estimates that recycling foam will save the community about $120,000 because of the space that will be available in the landfill.

The county will be utilizing a foam densifier to take the bulk polystyrene and condense it into easier to ship blocks. This allows the lose polystyrene to be transported more efficiently and easily. A 48-foot truckload of baled foam weighs only around 16,000 pounds, whereas a truckload of densified foam weighs 40,000 pounds.

If you would like to learn more about how your community can recycle polystyrene like Colchester County, we can help! We have tips and tools for cities that are interested in adding polystyrene to their curbside-recycling program. We also have a complete list of polystyrene buyers and recycling machinery for communities.

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