Recycling Case Studies: Government


  • First Recycling Grant Winner Announced

    The Foodservice Packaging Institute has announced the first recipient of their foam recycling grant program, Alpine Waste & Recycling of Commerce City, Colorado. The grant program was intended to support communities that needed assistance purchasing equipment to recycle polystyrene. 

  • Colchester County Brings Curbside Recycling to More Citizens

    In many communities across Canada polystyrene recycling has taken root as an important piece to their recycling programs. From drop off facilities to curbside recycling programs, more people can recycle their foam than ever before. Now another community is bringing curbside foam recycling to their county.

    In Colchester County in Nova Scotia, a countywide proposal to recycle polystyrene has been approved and will begin in the late summer of 2015. This decision will make recycling convenient for the residents of the county.

  • Big Apple Made A Big Blunder On EPS

    The following excerpts are from “The Big Apple Made A Big Blunder on EPS” by Patty Moore.  Read the full article here: 

    In 2013, the New York City Council passed Local Law No. 142, which required the commissioner of the New York City Department of Sanitation to determine whether or not food service expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam containers could be recycled in an economically feasible and environmentally effective manner that is safe for employees 

  • EPS Recycling Continues To Grow

    As technology and public education continue to improve, foam recycling continues to grow throughout the United States. The EPS Industry Alliance published their annual Foam Recycling Rate report and the results could not be better for communities and businesses looking to recycle polystyrene. The EPS-IA reported that in 2013, there was a 34% increase in foam recycling over the previous year.