Buckeye Industries Brings Unique Foam Recycling Program


With over 127 million pounds of foam being recycled in the last year, according to a recent survey by the EPS Industry Alliance, it is becoming more recognized that foam recycling is an important part of waste removal plans for communities and businesses. In the greater Cleveland, Buckeye Industries already understands how helpful foam recycling can be and is helping their local community grow this process. 

Since 2013 the group has taken over 120,000 pounds of foam, densified and sold the product. What sets Buckeye Industries apart from other recycling companies is their staff. The company is a non-profit organization that provides jobs and vocational training to people with developmental disorders throughout Ohio.

Businesses send their polystyrene foam products to their facility in Eastlake, Ohio where it is examined, sorted, and prepared for recycling. Containments like paper, tape and more are removed and disposed of before the recycling process can continue. Then the foam is put into a densifier where it is condensed into high-density blocks that are sold to companies to make new products

The non-profit was started in 2007 as a part of New Avenues to Independence, Inc. which has over 60 years of providing vocational training to children and adults living with developmental disabilities. You can learn more about all of the good Buckeye Industries is doing in their local community in this article from The Morning Journal. To learn more on how Home For Foam can help your community implement foam recycling please visit our city and government section

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