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Foam #6 Recycling.

Reasons to Recycle Foam

  1. Reduce solid waste
  2. Decrease our dependency on virgin resources
  3. Prevent pollution
  4. Save energy
  5. Protect the Earth's atmosphere
  6. Demonstrate sustainability


Recycling in Action

  • Community Recycling
  • Recycling in Business
  • Recycling in Schools
  • New York City had the opportunity to be a leader in recycling but politics trumped thoughtful public policy


  • The Foam Recycling Coalition launched a brand new grant program to help communities pay for foam recycling equipment.


  • Student with foam lunch tray

    Bringing recycling into schools is a great way to teach students the value of environmental stewardship


Find a Buyer

Connect with processors that purchase post-industrial and post-consumer foam #6.


Recycling Equipment

Learn about the equipment used to process recycled foam #6.

  • Hydraulic densifiers
  • Thermal densifiers
  • Screw drive densifiers
  • Grinders


List Your Recycling Location

Add your recycling location to our interactive map.

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