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Foam #6 Recycling.

Reasons to Recycle Foam

  1. Reduce solid waste
  2. Decrease our dependency on virgin resources
  3. Prevent pollution
  4. Save energy
  5. Protect the Earth's atmosphere
  6. Demonstrate sustainability


Recycling in Action

  • Recycling in Business
  • Community Recycling
  • Recycling in Schools
  • The uses for recycled polystyrene continue to grow! Check out one company in Oregon that is building homes FROM foam.


  • Colchester County is the second community to receive a grant from the FRC and the Foodservice Packaging Institute.


  • School Lunch

    As schools and districts approach the future, they are continually presented with issues related to waste and budgets.


Find a Buyer

Connect with processors that purchase post-industrial and post-consumer foam #6.


Recycling Equipment

Learn about the equipment used to process recycled foam #6.

  • Hydraulic densifiers
  • Thermal densifiers
  • Screw drive densifiers
  • Grinders


List Your Recycling Location

Add your recycling location to our interactive map.

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